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My artistic production with CV in English.

In this vast document, I would like to show my vast production, both as film Maker and books made through image processing and cartoon strips with the aim of showing them in Anglo-Saxon-speaking countries and getting people and economic entities to collaborate with them. and with the project of moving to those nations, I am Italian, but I find almost no opportunity for expansion in my country.

The first step is to show my five short films with extensive explanations in English, visible on:, where such explanations and videos are shown.
First short film: "Strange" duration: 14 minutes and 13 second

Second short film: "Keep Nonsense Working" duration: 24 minutes and 48 seconds.

Third short film: "Looking for natural victories" duration: 20 minutes and 33 seconds.

Fourth short film: "Creation" duration: 19 minutes and 12 seconds.

Last for now, my short film ... I'm working on my first animated film is: "The strength of the will" duration: 6 minutes and 23 seconds.

The feature of how the shorts are shown is that on the right side there is the synopsis of the film, a small strip and in the rest of the screen the video. After a few seconds, you can see the short film in full screen.

My goals are different: show the same short films through "Prime Video". Another fundamental aspect is participating in several "Film Festivals around the world thanks to" Whithoutabox "in which I am inserted, here my personal link.
Logically, with the foundations that I have built over the years, collaborate and work with people in the industry with US and UK entities and that's why I'm writing this my targeted CV.

I now move on to my production of special books made with image processing and strips of cartoon and texts, recently put on sale on the lines of "kindle Amazon".
In this part there will be links in English of each of the four works. Here too there are explanations of the works I have created.

Graphic Novel 1: "Strange"
This is my work done entirely on image processing, taking as I did hundreds of them, segmented and joined together in a sequence and with the same technique made the other ones.
So try to describe in my own way the contemporary chaos where the sense of reality seems no longer exists.

So here is the specific link that those who want can have and see.

Graphic Novel 2: "Keep Nonsense Working" As the title already shows is an extensive farce using dozens of cartoon strips on the nonsense, the charge of the absurd and the lack of the ridiculous sense of today with many fragments: from the rich man who accuses the poor not to be able to enjoy the life, the words that decide to strike because of the way they are used, the fables of the boot and democracy, Mr. All who wants to know someone who constantly cites him without ever knowing him, a woman who invents a job power that does not exist, but causing men and women to be unleashed to have advantages from her, with a place of power that does not exist, the farces on the ghosts and the way they left life on earth, those who laugh too much, who for having held a rally where everything was fine and then victim of having said that everything was fine and only him. Here the link of my work.

Graphic Novel 3: "Looking for natural victories"

In this third path I tell about love and its events.
A man and a woman do not know each other, nor do they know that they exist and using other levels of graphic Novel I describe that around the woman there are desires to hold high leases and the people, various potentates and wealthy men interested in who will choose the woman's choice .
The two are the only ones who have no interest in the affair, even the woman who is the object of the high lease's wishes.
Then the casual or causal meeting and natural love, but all the others are not in harmony, but this time the unnatural will be defeated.

Here the link of the third route.

Graphic Novel 4 "The power of will" This latest graphic novel, using the techniques of graphics, tells the most decisive dynamics that exists, indicating the obstacles, only perverse constructions of human thought and realizing this, extended spaces of opportunity and living quite another thing. Here the link of this my work.

After the climate of legalized irrationality of recent times I decided to write and make one last work. "Alceste and Filinte are back among us"

As many people know, the two characters animated the work of Moliere "The Misantropo"

The two return in today to describe it in their own way.

Alceste with its dynamism and sacrosanct disagreements, Filinte considering everything normal.
But in the end they will agree on one aspect and will know how to identify the antidote.

Here the link of my last job.

I believe very much in the value of perceptions, I am the only basis of what I do, so there is nothing built, indeed, if there was something of that kind I would not realize anything, although I live in a country where there seems to be space on things constructed and contrived and almost perceptually perceptive.

Another decisive aspect for me: I love conquering Know How about things never done before 

On these bases and productions I have set up my artistic CV in the Anglo-Saxon language with the aim of being able to collaborate, create and work for the energies of these nations and move there to give exchange and dedication to the work that is one of my main characters.


To close this CV my video interview radio and an image in motion with the aim is not a word game ... to set in motion what I want to achieve ... my dedication to work that creates perspectives, but not in the country where I was born.

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